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We, an artistic video production studio “Freestyle”, are striving to make people happier, help them remember the brightest emotions and impressions of their wedding day. Our aim is to bring people joy and happiness, help them keep the best memories of the happiest day in the newly-weds’ lives.
We believe that each of our cameramen is an extremely talented and creative person. We are truly convinced that our team will make their best to show the brightest moments of the wedding day and create a very positive image of the bride emphasizing her beauty, youth, emotions on the happiest day of her life. We believe that our movies will make you recall all unforgettable moments of the wedding day, tears of joy, the excitement of newly-weds and their guests. Moreover, our movies may even reconcile the couple by reminding them of how much they loved each other.
We know the theory of successful shooting proved by working with video and photo cameras, we know how to use the natural and artificial light in order to turn your wedding video into a true cinema film with a 3D picture and people seeming thinner. We know how to show the story of the wedding day so that the emotions and the atmosphere of celebration are emphasized, and the drawback and possible force majeure situations are hidden. We know how to assemble a large number of videos filmed during a wedding, make a color correction and picture stylization. We have a unique system of training and development of our professionals. In addition to traditional data storage devices, such as disks or USB stick, we upload the wedding movie to a special password-protected Internet channel so that a customer or his/her family have a possibility to watch movie online in any part of the world using all kinds of devices – both smartphones and computers. Even if you happen to lose your data storage device, you will still have an opportunity to download the movie from this channel. In other words, it is a guarantee that your family story will be preserved and one day become wonderful memories and a family heirloom for your grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
We make a movie of your wedding day, assemble videos, upload the wedding movie to a special password-protected channel, try to emphasize the beauty of the people by using daylight, reflecting screens, additional light, camera angles. We try to show advantages and hide disadvantages as much as possible. Sometimes we hold competitions for couples. Additionally, we are constantly improving our skills by visiting various professional workshops, forums, All-Ukrainian photo and video conferences. Our cameramen and film cutters have years of experience in wedding sphere. They are very created and gifted people who have an artistic vision of beauty, sense of timing and rhythm necessary for a successful video montage. Finally, they are pleasant, polite, neat and kind people whose appearance and behavior will reaffirm our expertise. We collaborate with various wedding experts so that we can give you some advice to make your celebration unforgettable.

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