I want to share with you, dear readers, valuable information on what to look for when choosing a wedding operator, how to make a mistake with the choice and save unforgettable moments of a happy day in your rye the best way.

For all twelve-year experience of filming wedding thoughts with not single facts, when they addressed to us newlyweds who already had a wedding. They ordered a videographer who photographed and edited their wedding film. But after the outcome was closed, they were disappointed and asked us to change the wedding film, because what they got was, to put it mildly, just a shame to show someone. Considering the fact that we have been on the market for a very long time and have shot a total of more than 400 wedding and various events so that you are not disappointed with the choice. Although for the whole period I can firmly say a lot depends on the shooting material, its quality and the level of operator’s mastery of the operator, there were certainly cases that after shooting the “foreign operator” it was possible to make the wedding so that the newlyweds were happy, but of course it happened that we Just were not able to mount that material. And we just got our hands up, realizing that the newlyweds will remain without a remarkable theme about their happiest day in life.

If you do not know what you are doing, you must be sure that I do not know how to do it.
If you listen to these tips – you will be really happy with your wedding film, experiencing these quivering words of love, vows to each other in fidelity again and again.
Otherwise, you may get a big disappointment with the result, because the wedding will not be repetitious, the musicians have already left, the cake has been eaten and the dress will not be so fresh, so let’s not repeat the mistakes of other people to better remember the wedding day.

And so proceed: Well, it is not a secret for anyone that in most cases, the hammers, and mostly they are engaged in, our beautiful brides choose a videographer for short videos, placed in various social networking sites or specialized advertising platforms. But I will tell you from experience that from 4-6 hours of shooting material with a little experience, it is not difficult to choose the best moments and make them a video for 2-3 minutes, but to mount from this whole high-grade wedding film is really the skill of the operator and the editor. Therefore, choose the operator only on the rollers, but be sure to ask to see the wedding film, either online or in person, but this is very important. Pay attention to how long the operator works in the market, because experience is very important and if he has been working for many years, these are indicators that his work is in demand, because a bad operator will simply stop ordering and he will leave this business. Communicate necessarily with him in person, because it is important that it was a person who you like, as a person. A wedding is a very emotional day and it is important that everything that you surround, people, events, including your pure video operator, provoked only positive emotions, because your mood and emotional state will be transferred to the video. Of course it is important that it is a pleasant, cultured, clean person and an interesting interlocutor with whom it will be easy to open and not feel clamped in front of the camera, because basically the brides are not actors and not models, but want emotions and events to be transmitted On the video present, not affected, this also affects the identity of the operator. Ask him about the appearance, at the wedding, the operator can get into the lens of the photographer, other operators or just in different reflections, for example, in mirrors, so you need his appearance to be in harmony with other guests, without distraction and without drawing additional attention from This depends on the quality of the reportage. And of course technical points. Concerning the technique used – you can simply judge by the quality of the picture in the clip and the movie, because there are many models, and this does not need to be blistered to your head. Ask, prescribes he added a sound, pay attention to how the dialogues sound, the sound with promises in the church, in the banquet hall of music, the wishes of the parents. If there is not enough lighting in the room, the operator can use additional lighting devices. The camera stabilization systems are used so that the video is smooth without shaking and jerking, like in a movie. Ask the operator how he keeps your materials and / or duplicated them, because modern storage devices are not reliable and can fail. And is there an opportunity to save the wedding film, even in the event of a natural disaster, does not God give a fire or theft, when after receiving the finished film, all the flash drives and equipment from the newlyweds are gone?

And according to the opinions of our youngsters, I can say with confidence that sticking to all of these above recommendations – you will receive not just a wonderful memory of the wedding day, in which you want to come back again and again, watching the movie and clip through screens or monitors, but also from the words of our youngsters A perfect medication for reconciling couples. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that there are different, sometimes quarrels, and I was very pleased to hear that our works were a way for reconciliation, when the young could see how happy they were, how they loved each other, just all the resentments and the negative of each other At the friend as a hand took off).

Working for many years on the market, I ran into the problem that not all couples keep marriage until old age. And not a small percentage of steam in a few years simply disintegrates. The big problem is that people do not know how to build happy, comfortable relationships, do not understand what is needed for happiness and saving feelings in a pair. Since it is important for us not only to take off the wedding and give it away, but also make a couple at least a little bit happier. The last few years, I was thoroughly interested in family cynnosts, what is needed in relationships, how to behave in order to make a loved one happy and thereby make yourself a happy person.
Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to receive ABSOLUTELY valuable information on relations in the format of video. And if you order us for 6 mitsyatsiv, you get these extremely valuable and necessary knowledge, which I have accumulated from various sources for 2 years.
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So, in summary, you learned a lot of recommendations how to choose an operator and what to look for when ordering a video. If you order our studio, you will receive a wonderful memory of your wedding day and, as a bonus, get free Video Tips, how to build a happy and harmonious relationship in your family life.