Hi, my dear readers, viewers and fans of our humble creativity), I would like to share with you behind-the-scenes information why in reality, high-quality video is not cheap and expensive?




We are already removing the wedding is not the first year and has swallowed for decades with a bitch) when I first took the camera in the hands and took off the first wedding. The fashion for shooting and editing constantly changed and it was necessary to stick to the trend on the one hand, and on the other hand to be unique in order to give the finished product a cool one hand, because it would be the only memory of a wedding day and not to forget about creative experiments, After all, in the film wedding and clip is an extremely important creative component, if usually the operator wants to develop and that his wedding films are similar to the cinema. And far not the last role in this plays as the technology itself, and the training and constant development of the operator, the installer, which you understand are also not free. Of course, to give the best product the product needs to be constantly updated, stocked as new cameras with improved characteristics, the system of stabilization of these cameras, optics, which just draws the picture itself and creates the cinematic effect, with its proper use. Additional devices for recording as sound, that is, chamber and loop microphones, professional recorders, for connecting to sound consoles and speakers, additional light. And of course, the constant self-development of this training. At the beginning of our business, we used a simpler and cheaper technique, which sometimes could crash or fail, but learn from their mistakes, so you only need to use the best reliable, proven, high-tech handsets that will give you the best results.


This article will be especially useful to newlyweds who just choose a wedding operator and face fairly high prices in the market and on the other hand at low prices and at first glance it is not clear what this difference is.


After reading this text, you finally realize that all the high prices on the wedding market are pragmatically determined and influenced by a large number of factors, such as the equipment of the operator, how much time he devotes to self-development, that is, different master classes, thematic forums, exhibitions, webinars who are Are not cheap, but they are a great motivator and give unique information to the personal development of the operator as a professional, and as a result, it all affects the end product, that is, the wedding film that the newlyweds hold, as is ynu professional “living memory” of the happiest days in the life of the couple.


If you do not understand what expensive operators are different from the cheap and make a choice solely on the basis of cheap price, you can be very disappointed with the end result. It should be remembered that this is a memory for life, even a dear smartphone, a person buys for 2-3 years, which will then change to another model, or simply can lose or damage during this period, and the wedding film will remain for life , Which our children and descendants will watch, this may be one of the few professional shootings in our lives that will be known to us as a person, so we need to take seriously the choice.


So, let’s start with the most interesting, in our example, in detail, consider the set of techniques that we take with you in case of wedding photography in 1 camera:


Camera Canon 6D = 37 299 hryvnas. (We take 2 pieces together) = 74 598 UAH.


Monopod Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 = 8,635 hryvnas.


Variable head for monopod


Manfrotto 701HDV = 4125 USD


Camera stabilization system


Glidecam 2000 Pro = 12 650 hryvnas.


Operational jelly for stabilization


Comfort Arm with Vest = 10 863 hryvnas.


For dynamic frames slider


Slide Camera S-980 Standard = 9 213 hryvnas.


Arsenal ARS-2600 Stand = 841 USD. 2 pcs = 1,682 UAH


Holographic spotlights = 400 hryvnas. 2 pcs = 800 UAH


Audio Recorder Zoom H4N = 8,222 hryvnas.


Audio Recorder Zoom H1 = 3 580 hryvnas.


Memory Cards SanDisk SDHC Extreme Pro 32GB V30 UHS-I U3 = 1 026 hryvnas. = 10 pcs = 10 260 UAH


Canon EF 24-105mm f / 4.0L IS USM lens = 15,813 hrn.


The canon ef 70-200mm f / 2.8l is usm = 33 856 hryvnas.






Camera microphone Rode VideoMic Pro = 7 561 hryvnas.


Wireless sound system Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G3 = 25 575 hryvnas.


Lantern for artistic shooting RetLight 4 = 6 600 hryvnas.


Luminaire for the artificial backlight Yongnuo YN-300


= 2 300 UAH


Reflector Menik 954 hrn.


Tripod Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod (MT055CXPRO3) = 10 698 hrn.


Changeable head for tripod


Manfrotto 701HDV = 4125 USD




The total amount of equipment that comes with us ONE OPERATOR = 261 961 hryvnas.


In addition, because wedding video editing is a complicated and difficult process to process, then it requires a very powerful computer with an estimated cost of $ 1,000, 2 monitors on the IPS matrix are needed for comfortable work, which is still + about 11,000 UAH. Every year there are various training sessions, forums, master classes, webinars with the cost of $ 100-300 for the continuous development of both operators and monitors. In addition, the technique is not eternal and from time to time breaks because it has its own resource and needs to be updated constantly.


But if in the wedding 2 or 3 videoperators work – the cost of the equipment, which we take for shooting grows in 1,5-2 times.


Except for all of the above, the most expensive is, of course, the creativity of our operators and monitors, because talent and artistic vision, a sense of beauty and a person’s ability to show better than it is actually simply invaluable. And for the present, today’s most up-to-date smartphone Apple iPhone 6 64 GB SILVER costs 19,900, and a person buys it for 2-3 years, then either buy a new model, or do not let God lose or break. How much do you think a wedding film should cost if it remains for 2-3 years, but for life? !


Working for many years in the market, he faced the problem that not all couples keep marriage until the very old age. And not a small percentage of couples in a few years just collapses. The big problem is that people do not know how to build happy, comfortable relationships, do not understand what is needed for happiness and the preservation of feelings in a couple. Since it is important for us not only to photograph a wedding and give it, but also to make a couple at least a little happier. In the last few years I have been thoroughly interested in family values, what you need in relationships, how you behave yourself, to make a beloved one happy and thus make yourself a happy person.


Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to get ABSOLUTELY FREE valuable information on the relationship in the video format. And if you order us for 6 months, you will receive these extremely valuable and necessary knowledge that I have accumulated from different sources for 2 years.


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Today, I told you about how pricing in the market for video services is taking place and what affects them, I think now you have become much more clear why a quality wedding video can not cost cheaply, and if it’s cheap, then you should think about why? What did the operator save or donate for the low price? This is an extremely important issue, because it will directly depend on what you will receive as a memory for life! And as a bonus, you can get video tutorials for free, just like in a family life, to build a happy and harmonious relationship.