I would like to share with you information about what affects the number of video operators at your wedding? And how many should there be?

Time flies, the wedding is removed, mounted, an invaluable experience is obtained, which I want to share with you. According to the twelve-year history of shooting weddings, it was necessary to shoot both 1 camera and 2 and 3 cameras. Of course, all this has different effects on the end result of the product, in general, the more the number of shooting points for a wedding, the easier it is for editing and it’s more interesting to watch the finished product, but you can shoot differently, of course. Even in the case of equally chamber shooting, you can shoot it so that it looks like it took several cameras, but to a great extent the risks, perhaps not great, but still there are, miss a few seconds of an important moment that can not be re-shot again.
I appeal first of all to the youngsters who choose their wedding operator and of course face the problem how much do videographers really need at the wedding?
After reading this information, acquired as a result of a wide experience of shooting weddings, you will learn why you need to order 2 or 3 operators, or maybe even make a decision that for you it’s all not essential and you just need one operator at your wedding.

The big threat is that you can make not the right choice of the number of videographers at the wedding because of insufficient information in this matter, and then you will regret not having ordered an additional operator, or about wasting money on an extra operator.
We certainly have many years of shooting experience in a different number of cameras, but I have to admit that it is possible to shoot a very cool one, even in one camera, as if it were taking 2 or 3 cameras, but it should be understood that wedding photography can be of two types: reportage and Staging. Staged shooting is the type where the operator can control the process, when it is necessary to stop or re-shoot if necessary, for example shooting for a walk, or preparing the young before the wedding, that is, how the groom and the bride dress … all these moments can be called staged or Controlled reportage. All other events: marriage in the church, visiting ceremony, feast, dances – there the operator can only be a passive observer and can not interfere in the event itself, stopping it or reexamining it again. Therefore, in case of shooting in one camera – the cameraman should be very skilled in order to feel the moment, having time to shoot both the main events and the reactions of the guests to them, snatching emotions. You need to work at least for two to shoot at different sizes for display and a general plan to show the atmosphere and large plans, where you can clearly view each person, his emotions and experiences. Therefore, if you choose to shoot a video in 1 camera – it’s absolutely vital to watch the whole wedding film and not just a short clip, it’s really nice to shoot in 1 camera is really great skill. Of course, it’s much easier to shoot in 2 or 3 cameras, because if the operators are professionals, they are not just removed from different sides, but clearly they radiate tasks between those who will shoot and what is responsible for, thus one operator can shoot close-ups, The other shows the general atmosphere, and the third operator will be responsible for the reactions of relatives and friends, shed tears or joy, filling people at the celebration, and of course the artistic elements of the wedding to make a wedding movie film. But of course, all this is ideal and a little bit can rest on the buget, because usually two cameras will cost more than one, and three more expensive. Although, I will say from my own experience, when choosing a video studio, watch their several wedding films very closely, not only clips, because there are also cases when one camera looks better than shooting two cameras from competitors’ operators, the creative component, the operator’s talent is very important here And of course skill. So make your right choice.
Working for many years on the market, I ran into the problem that not all couples keep marriage until old age. And not a small percentage of steam in a few years simply disintegrates. The big problem is that people do not know how to build happy, comfortable relationships, do not understand what is needed for happiness and saving feelings in a pair. Since it is important for us not only to take off the wedding and give it away, but also make a couple at least a little bit happier. The last few years, I was thoroughly interested in family values, what is needed in relationships, how to behave, to make a loved one happy and thereby make yourself a happy person.
Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to receive ABSOLUTELY valuable information on relations in the format of video. And if you order us within 6 months, you receive these extremely valuable and necessary knowledge, which I have accumulated from various sources for 2 years.

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So, you’ve learned the difference between shooting a video operator from a few and making it easier to make a choice, because you know what to look for when choosing. And, as a bonus, get free Video Tips, how to build a happy and harmonious relationship in your family life.